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My training. My future. My success.

At last you’ve got your final exams in the bag! But what should you do next? You want to earn money AND start a career? Then we have the right solution for you. An apprenticeship with us is the perfect start into your profession-al future. We offer you technical and commercial apprenticeship professions in five specialisations. These range from “Qualified IT Specialist for System Integration or Application Development” to “Systems Sales Specialists” and “Management Assistants for Office Management and Marketing Communication”. Welcome to your professional future. Welcome to michael wessel. From your very first day as an apprentice, you will be trained practically in the day-to-day routine of your specialisation. Your apprenticeship with us will last 3 years. If you have good or very good academic and practical results, you may have the option of shortening the apprenticeship by six months.

During your apprenticeship, you can – and should – expect a lot from us:

At the beginning of an apprenticeship, there are always lots of questions and uncertainties. This is why we think it’s important not to leave you alone during the initial phase. During your first months with us, you will have an experi-enced, competent tutor by your side, supporting you with help and advice. This is the best way to quickly develop the necessary certainty and mutual confidence needed to integrate you optimally into our company and our cul-ture. This helps you settle in quickly and feel well looked-after.

Seeing the bigger picture – the all-round view into all sectors

During your apprenticeship, you will learn about various sectors of our company. During the demanding assign-ments, you will get an extensive insight into the fields of duties and ways of working of the other teams. You will be integrated into these teams from the very beginning and will work with them on specific projects. This way, you will learn to better understand the connections and be able to apply what you learn to other projects and sectors.

Recognising and encouraging potential

Throughout the entire apprenticeship, seminars and workshops given by our itACADEMY will supplement your pro-fessional development. Regular B.O.S.S. Meetings (Break Out Skill Session) will also provide the best preparation for presentations and examinations.

Apprenticeships with us also encourage a whole range of skills which will assist your advancement later in your career: initiative, independence, communication skills and problem-solving abilities. We will support your personal development through specific workshops that run alongside your apprenticeship.

Vocational school will provide you with the necessary theoretical content for the apprenticeship. This will provide you with the optimal preparation for the final Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination.

AusbildungAnd after the apprenticeship? We would be happy to take you on if your performance is good - because the best trained specialists are those we have trained ourselves.

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